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May we take this brief opportunity to introduce our Agency the Magnificent Travels & Tours (P) Ltd.

This company, since the year 1995, has been involved in organizing activities like sightseeing tour, trekking to the Himalayas, jungle safari, river adventure also known as white water rafting, bird watching tour, and heli safari to name a few, with selected staffs with motive of serving travelers coming from different corners of the globe.

We mainly focus on the clients need while preparing for the trips. Our clients usually credit us for the maximum safety and enjoyment we make happen on their adventure.

Yes, we are an experienced and dedicated team continuing to develop and grow in providing quality service that visitors to this beautiful land Nepal deserve.

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If yes, then why not give us a try? We have developed specific programs that could fit into your requirement just about any season of the year.

Please know that at Magnificent we are always eager to assist you in planning your trip to Nepal. You can start by letting us know few things in your mind.

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Badri Prasad Rijal

Badri Prasad Rijal

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Govinda Prasad Paudyal

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