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Taj Mahal India
Ladakh India

Ladakh Tour

Ladakh could be a region in Asian country altogether isolated from the fashionable world. AN authentic land, it's devoted to ancestral customs wherever life is characterised by intense spirituality. Ladakh lies at AN altitude from 9000 foot to 25170 feet.

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Sikkim India

Sikkim Tour

The glory of geographical region is its breathless array of flowers. Sikkims geographical positioning has talented it a repository of over 5000 species of flowering plants. Forests of magnolia, blue poppies, primulas, gentians and geraniums produce a spell-binding floral spectacle. Orchids, gladioli, poppies, azaleas and camellias raise the intoxicating assortment. Its nice form of bush ranges from shrubs at ground level to high specimens that set the terrain ablaze in an exceedingly riot of colors.

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Namchi  Sikkim India

Buddhist Circuit Tour in Sikkim

Samdruptse virtually suggests that 'wish fulfilling hill' within the Bhutia language. placed close to Namchi in South geographic region, it's at a distance of seventy five kms from Gangtok.

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