Nepal Trekking Packages

Nepal is a magical land of beautiful contrasts. It has got low lands and mountain peaks. The villages and cities provide great range of life styles. Therefore, it is only the medium of trekking that can enable you to march through this land of mosaic of cultures and nature escapes. Therefore, we prescribe treks as the best methodology of knowing about this land, and gathering beautiful moments in your life in Nepal. We specialize at inventing trekking routes for you keeping your physical capabilities, needs, budget and available time in our minds.

Busy but still Want to Trek: For those you are busy and run out of time, we offer 2 - 3 day low altitude treks to the strenuous trails leading over high altitude passes and trekking peaks. Our English speaking and registered guides, porters and cooks do not only accompany you but also try their best to heighten your personal experience in Nepal. All you need is to carry your small day pack. We arrange your accommodation either in tents or village tea-houses. All you need to do is walk beholding the wonderful nature-escapes of this land and eat and sleep.

A Trek Requires Physical Effort: A real trek demands lots of energy and time. In Nepal’s case it sounds very much true. As you set for longer trekking in Nepal you come across unbelievable ranges of elevation. Let’s take the 300-km log trek from Jiri to Everest base camp and return a case. As you follow this trail. You start gaining and losing more than 9000 meters of elevation as you have to march through breath taking steep ascents and descents. In every 15 km trek, you lose 800 - 1200 meters. This means nature escapes here test your real passion. Therefore, we are sure that you take plenty of time during the day to cover a distance. We also know when our clients get physically exerted and plan the trip accordingly. We encourage you to take rest frequently and spend plenty of time on contemplating about the very nature and your own self.

We should also aware that many trekkers find it very difficult while descending mountains as they are happen to face knee problems. Needless to say that descending is very long, steep and unrelenting. Sometimes you hardly find a level stretch of trail in the entire country. But on the other hand, if you are an experienced walker and often hike 15 km a day with a pack, a trek in Nepal is the most wonderful experience you can earn. Our staffs make you feel how easy the hiking can be as they carry your luggage and prepare meals for you.

If you are already an experienced trekker than trekking through Nepali mountains will not that be that difficult for you. Remember if you are a novice trekker and have decided to go for a month-long trip, you find it is too late for you to discover that you do not like to sleep in a sleeping bag. Though mountaineering experience is not necessary, confidence and love for walking must be your guiding principle. The important thing is you must enjoy walking. Many things turn in your favour if you choose to trek with the kind of staffs that our Travel Agency works with.

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