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Nepal - Where Guests Are Regarded As Gods!

Village of Nepal

Nepal is a land of diverse culture and natural heritage. No where in the world you will find any other country with such a rich treasure of culture, religion, and people with great hospitality. Here people believe that guests are same as gods.

It is the land, which entertains the harmony between Hinduism and Buddhism. As a birth place of Buddha, Nepal boasts of providing the message of peace and harmony to all the people in the world. Nepal is also rich in natural bio-diversity and home of the Himalayas, the largest mountain range in the world. The World's highest peak, Mt. Everest (8848meters) lies in Nepal and has 8 peaks, which are over 8000 meters in altitude.

All these features establishes Nepal as a rich country. Travelers visiting once express that they will be back soon!

Please find below all sorts of activities ranging from tours to expedition available in Nepal. We are here to assist you in planning the best holiday with safety and comfort.

Nepal at Glance

Area: 147,181 sq. km, Geography: Situated between China in the north and India in the south, Capital: Kathmandu, Population: 27 million,People: Nepal has more than 61 ethnic group and 70 spoken languages, Language: Nepali is the national language. However, travel trade people Understand and speak English as well, Currency: Nepalese Rupees,Political System: Democratic  Republic

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Hindu Pilgrim Tour in Nepal

Tours in Nepal - Glimpse of Rich Culture and Natural Beauty

Explore the Nepali Culture & Lifestyle, and get a close look at the Natural Beauties in this Land of Himalayas.

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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a magical land of beautiful contrasts. It has got low lands and mountain peaks. The villages and cities provide great range of life styles. Therefore, it is only the medium of trekking that can enable you to march through this land of mosaic of cultures and nature escapes. Therefore, we prescribe treks as the best methodology of knowing about this land, and gathering beautiful moments in your life in Nepal. We specialize at inventing trekking routes for you keeping your physical capabilities, needs, budget and available time in our minds.

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Special Day Tour in Nepal

We will arrange an multi lingual tour guide who will revel the mysteries and mystique of Kathmandu. Travel will be your choice of Car/Van/Jeep or Mini bus etc…

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Nepal Mountain Flight

Domestic & International Flight Ticketing

Domestic Airlines in Nepal these days provide greater facilities and services. You can fly to many destinations in Nepal and make your holiday very comfortable and gain majestic experience.

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White Water Rafting in Nepal

Short river trips take between one to thee days and do not involve any trekking. Some of these rafting/kayaking trips involve less challenging white water and are ideally suited to first time rafters and families and some attract experienced thrill-seekers with their world-class rapids.

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